Sunday, November 14, 2004

sunset in Newport

no shit. (on Queen Street)

the S4C prop department

me and Tim visited the S4C prop department in llanishen looking for, well, props. This is what we saw...

S4C is the welsh version of channel 4. It's virtually identical except that S4C has special welsh language programming and welsh interest shows. Needless to say, it ain't exactly a barrel of laughs.


anyone for tea?


it may look old and metal, but it's actually fake and wooden!

i'm am lord fakedeer, king of the ceramic people of beetlgeuse 5! You will all tremble before my mighty wrath!

now all we need are those monkeys...

some kind of wormhole or something...

That means you, motherfucker!

you know, some things are just best left alone...

well, not really

it's amazing what freaky sci-fi crap you can make with some silver paint and bendy tubes.

this magnificant (prop) organ is made completely from wood. Except the keys, which are made of plastic.

I'm, just admiring the shape of yr skull...

Tim has the gift of freakysight!


Wednesday, September 22, 2004

look, I'm telling you, I CAN fit my whole hand in there... Just gimmie a sec.

unedited/cropped window/wall picture

the first photo I took with my brand-spanking-new digital camera. It has been edited and cropped.

this is one of my sisters. She is reading a book. It is by Terry Pratchett.


like... yeah...

Sion is gone gone gone

Sion digs the hendrix some more

what the fuck?!?

what up?

somewhere, deep in the hood...

I love this song!

sion digs the hendrix

I've stolen your credit card details

Thursday, June 03, 2004

abandoned glass washer

slipknot signing

baby on a bus

house of poverty

no change



never quite touching

never quite touching

Monday, May 31, 2004

the rummer pub: good munch!

cardiff castle, shot from the grounds

when I die I want something like this, only bigger, and more evil looking...

a stone angel in Heath cemetary

my house/in the middle of my street

the river taff again, taken from the bridge by the millenium stadium

the fake stone circle in the castle grounds. Many a summer I have spent sat around here getting toasted.

some hut in the castle grounds with groovy graffitti